Facebook to Buy Whatsapp for $16B

Facebook is all set for its next major acquisition (next to Instagram). This time is Whatsapp, another mobile application, just like Instagram.

The acquisition is on $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash.  Another  $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees (so it adds to $19B?).

About Whatsapp:

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia

“WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp’s co-founder and CEO, Jan Koum, says: “Here’s what will change for you, our users: nothing.”

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    Whats new in WordPress 3.8

    We just updated social media latest blog to wordpress 3.8 and here a few things that were updated in wordpress 3.8 that we found out from the wordpress dashboard.

    WordPress 3.8 dashboard new look

    Modern aesthetic

    The new WordPress dashboard has a fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity.

    Clean typography

    The Open Sans typeface provides simple, friendly text that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. It’s even open source, just like WordPress.

    Refined contrast

    We think beautiful design should never sacrifice legibility. With superior contrast and large, comfortable type, the new design is easy to read and a pleasure to navigate.

    WordPress on every device

    We all access the internet in different ways. Smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop — no matter what you use, WordPress will adapt and you’ll feel right at home.

    High definition at high speed

    WordPress is sharper than ever with new vector-based icons that scale to your screen. By ditching pixels, pages load significantly faster, too.


    Refined theme management

    The new themes screen lets you survey your themes at a glance. Or want more information? Click to discover more. Then sit back and use your keyboard’s navigation arrows to flip through every theme you’ve got.

    Smoother widget experience

    Drag-drag-drag. Scroll-scroll-scroll. Widget management can be complicated. With the new design, we’ve worked to streamline the widgets screen.

    Have a large monitor? Multiple widget areas stack side-by-side to use the available space. Using a tablet? Just tap a widget to add it.

    Twenty Fourteen, a sleek new magazine theme

    Turn your blog into a magazine

    Create a beautiful magazine-style site with WordPress and Twenty Fourteen. Choose a grid or a slider to display featured content on your homepage. Customize your site with three widget areas or change your layout with two page templates.

    With a striking design that does not compromise our trademark simplicity, Twenty Fourteen is our most intrepid default theme yet.

      Facebook Marketing Basics For Small Business – Video

      Facebook Marketing Basics For Small Business – Video hangout Streamed live on Mar 18, 2013

      Skip To The Topics
      0:25 Introductions & Housekeeping
      2:30 Is Social Media Important?
      4:07 Facebook – A few Key Things
      5:31 On Using Social Media To Push A Message
      7:10 General Tips
      9:40 Build Your Following
      14:02 In Person Solicitation Example
      14:39 Driving Engagement – Question Posts
      19:10 Drive Engagement – Visuals
      24:20 Drive Engagement – Participation
      27:00 Good Times To Talk Shop
      29:50 Engagement – Be You And Be Useful
      32:03 Things To Limit
      38:20 Sample Posts
      41:58 Accounts To Follow
      43:00 Q&A and Discussion

        Facebook Chat Updates – Recent updates rolled out to facebook chat

        Facebook has recently rolled out a major update to its online chat application, for desktop and laptop users.

        Being an US Facebook user, I got this update rolled out to my FB profile last week. The chat resembles chat apps used in mobile phones like iphone adn android chats, it gives an idea how much mobile Facebook is , by the end of 2013.

        Though the texts are not as legibly clear as before, they were changed from white background to grey background, it gives a seamless experience on chat across devices without being isolated from the mobile world.



        check out more social media tips videos here

          Weird Facebook ads examples – Fb ads targeting CTR

          Here are some of the weird ads I cam across in Facebook, in newsfeed predominantly and in the sidebars.

          These ads all have one in common, they are all having red color used in a way to catch your attention and get your clicks, you end up landing in their page without even reading the ad copy once.


           Weird Facebook Ad 1 (newsfeed)


          Weird Facebook Ad  2 (sidebar 100*72) fb-ad-weird-2

          Weird Facebook Ad 3 (sidebar 100*72) fb-ad-weird-3

            Fan page Analytics – Top 10 fan pages

            How to find top performing facebook fan pages  and know the activity from their fans? Social bakers provides a nice tool that monitors and reports top performing fan pages by country, categories or by other segmentation.

            You can find up to date fan counts  PTA – person talking about count and Edge rank percentage.

            At this point of writing, “Facebook for every phone” is the number 1 fan page in the world with “339447360” fans and “4752800” persons talking about (PTA)

            First non-Facebook page is Rihanna followed by Eminem and Coca-cola

            See full list of fan pages here

            Social bakers at http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/


            You can also add your fan page to be included in the rankings, a nice way to get exposure to your fan pages.


              How to Delete a Facebook Fanpage Quickly

              To delete your fan page. Go to “Edit settings” in the admin option. Top of your fan page, as shown below.

              Then go to the last option in edit fan page settings screen that says “Remove page“. Click the link to delete your fan page.

              If your fan page is published with few fans already, then Facebook would drop a message saying its queued to be deleted and would be completed in 14 days.

              If you have an unpublished page (draft fan page, not live with fans), you can delete it immediately.

                Facebook – Custom Image for Fan Page Links

                Facebook has recently introduced a new feature for fan page owners to customize the thumbnail image for the links. This is a great option to select the image you want to appear in your fans news feeds and in your fan page timeline as well. This improves engagement and edge rank of your fan page, when you make the best use of this new feature.

                As shown below you will see an “upload image” option when you post an external url or link in your fan page post update or fan page wall.


                Do not like the auto generated thumbnail or you feel its in appropriate to get fans attention or to your fan page niche, go ahead and customize the thumbnail image for your fan page url posts.